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Ayurvedic Hair Grow Shampoo

Ayurvedic Hair Grow Shampoo


Cleans, Grooms and Cares your hair !! Removes D A N D R U F F ! !

Check the effects of Ageing!! Look younger, smarter and charming day by day, through the ayurvedic way!

All these problems and others like Pruritis, scabies, Alopacea, Thining of Hair, Clubbing of Hair, Hair shaft Roughness and Breaking, Removing all Extraneous matter forming on the scalp of your Hair, which causes chronic Dandruff, scalding etc.

It is Advisable to use HAIR FLOW at least 3 to 4 Times a week. HAIR FLOW SHOULD BE RETAINED FOR 3 MINUTES AT LEAST, BEFORE RINSING OFF. This Helps your Hair by Stimulating the Sebaceous Gland, Imparting More Strength to the Roots of your Hair.

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