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Ayurvedic Body Fitness Syurp

Ayurvedic Body Fitness Syurp

panchmool Now add a new page to your life

Challenge time. Re-Discover yourself as you used to be… ‘Medical Experts say that age is not dependant on how many years old you are, rather how much you allow time to affect you “

Even as the years are beginning to add up, you can still improve your health.

Powerful & Effective Ayurvedic Health Tonic Only for Adult Male and Females

Salient Features: Trees take their Energy from their roots. Discover the ancient secret formula containing 5 Roots to energize and restore vigor and vitality.

Points to Highlight: Contains Orchis Mascula (Salampanja, Salabmishri) “One of the best Restorative, invigorator, aphrodisiac, tonic. It forms one of the best articles of diet for weak or convalescent persons.

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