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Ayurvedic Female Infertility Medicine - Ashoka DP

Ayurvedic Female Infertility Medicine

Ashoka DP

Herbal, Harmless & Non-Hormonal Uterine tonic Only For Ladies...

Most trusted 'Experience-Based' Ancient Formula: Takes care of your inner-problems. Just one 3 month course is enough!

for Female Disorders like Pain & Scanty Menses (Dysmenorrhoea) largely effects young females, on or near puberty.

Excessive Menses (Menorrhagia) Brings general weakness and loss of precious blood.

Scanty Menses (Oligomenorhoea) Early Menses (Metrorrhagia) Stopped Menses (Amennorea) Delay in Onset of Puberty (Menarche) Excellent Supportive Medicine for Vaginal Discharges. Udambar's High Anit-Inflammatory action increases body resistance and even forms a protective layer on the endometrium to reduce chances of reuccurance arrising out of pelvic inflammations and congestion.

Infertility (Sterility): The Anti-Inflammatory action of UDAMBAR, decreases pelvic inflammations and improves chances of conception. Many issue-less have been blessed with children.

Goldwater's Ashoka D.P. is prescribed by thousands of Doctors every day. We give you the same product with low cost and no side effects.

Completely Non- Hormonal. Since 21 years. ASHOKA D.P. is our company's leading and most prestigious product. Largely prescribed all over India by the leading gynaecologists, for curing female disorders without any Hormonal Medicines.

Double Strength ASHOKA D.P. treats congestive and neurological types of Dysmenorrhoea as it soothes the endometrium, normalises the mucosa of the uterus, induces normal menstrual flow, relieving abdominal discomfort.

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