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(Powerful & Effective Ayurvedic Tonic - only for Adults Males and Females)


"Unique refueling agent that keeps the life active and gets going with a force. Energiser especially for the middle age women and men. Improves physical strenght and indicated in general debility and sexual debility."

Contains Orchis mascula (Salampanja, salabmisri): "One of the best Restorative, invigorator, aphrodisiac, tonic. It forms one of the best articles of diet for weak or convalescent persons.

For long it has been in high esteem in India as a great restorative and invigorator and a tonic aphrodisiac in diseases characterised by weakness or loss of sexual powers. Nocturnal emissions, Nervous Debility, Impotency etc."

(Not harmful or toxic if it is taken daily for VITALITY REJUVENATION, satisfaction performance or virile power.


None. Absolutely safe and free from any side effects even if taken daily for long duration.

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