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Ayurvedic Aksir Afza MEMORY GURU TABLETS

Ayurvedic Aksir Afza MEMORY GURU TABLETS

Aksir Afza is Work When Lack of Concentration is your problem Failing Memory is you weakness Class work seems a burden Office work Never Seems to end Brain does not give support . Aksir Afza's MEMORY GURU is the Right Answer Stress Buster & Tonic for Brain Elation Dosage: 2 tablets in the Morning with milk

Presentation: Pack of 24 tablets & 60 tablets Tasty Chewable Tablets

Indications: Memory Loss, Mental Fatigue Dyslexia Senile Dementia MIGRANE Persistant Headaches of unknown Aetiology Stress, Tension Anxiety Lost Confidence Mental Weakness

Tags : #memory tablet#brain enchance tablet#memory boost tablet

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