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Ayurvedic Fatty Liver Syrup - Liver Intact

Ayurvedic Liver Intact syrup

Fastest & the BEST Results: Clears Liver Cells. Tones up the entire digestive system and regulates Bowel Movement (peristalisis), GI tract, a good restorative during convalescene.

Sense of Well-Being: due to good appetite and improved digestive functions. Promotes weight gain in the weak.
Perhaps LIVER tonics are the most used product of the Ayurveda in recent times. As such the importance of quality wise improvement better and faster results had always been felt all over. We request you to try and compare our LIVER INTACT with any other Liver Curative available in the market

LIVER INTACT First Liver Tonic to introduce ‘MADAR’ in the finest synergistic combination of 27 herbs With MADAR the well known ‘BILE FLOW REGULATOR’ Patients respond immediately with increased appetite and Liver Functions!

Astonishing Results . . . . . Check Today! Protects Liver From Hepato-Toxic Matter. Helps Regeneration of Liver Cells Improves Appetite, Digestion and Bowel Movement by increasing functional efficiency of Liver.

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