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Ayurvedic Gastric Medicine - Digestol Syrup

Ayurvedic Gastric Medicine


Stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract (GI Tract) Action: Anti-Ulcerative Agent Mild Antacid action relieves Burning Sensation & Ulcer Pains Provides soothing layer on the ULCERATED Portion Heals the ulcerated wound. Overcomes damage & Ulceration by its unique tissue regeneration process. Aids Digestion By enhancing the secretions of Digestive Juices. Peptin etc. Cure Constipation: Regulates peristalsis.

Salient Features: Many patients suffering from digestive disorders usually complain of constipation. Digestol in such cases clears the gastro-intestinal tract and acts as an attendant feature in rectifying its functioning.

Points to Highlight: The Only Digestive tonic, which works in 3 ways!As an Antacid. As an Appetizer. As an Enzyme. Indications: Loss of Appetite. Dyspepsia Flatulence Indigestion Eructation Constipation Gastric Distention Heart burn

Important Features: 1- Restores natural appetite: During ATT or Antibiotic Therapy, lost due to the disturbance of the intestinal flora. 2- Relieves Burning Sensation & Ulcer Pains: Provides a soothing layer on the irritated stomach mucosa. Corrects the acid-mucous balance. 3- Overcomes Damage & Ulceration by its unique tissue regeneration process. 4- Coordinates Peristalsis & Distension: Thus preventing reoccurrence of Ulcer. 5- Anti-Inflammatory Action 6- No Side Effects

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