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Ayurvedic Joint pain Medicine - 0rtholon tablets and oil

Ayurvedic Joint pain Medicine


Specially formulated to cure the ROOT CAUSE of ARTHRITIS.

Apart from relieving the pain the unique blend of ingredients treat the root cause of ARTHRITIS and also CRAMPS. Controls pain and inflammation faster by rapid absorption and quicker approach to the affected part of the body.

No gastric intolerance.

Speed - Efficacy - Accuracy To be applied at the affected area and rubbed till the ORTHOLON OIL is absorbed, in the affected joint or muscle.

See it work within a few minutes! Excellent response also in CRAMPS

Indications: Rheumatoid Arthritis; Osteo-Arthritis; Sciatica; Gout; Frozen Shoulder; Joint and Muscular Pains. Specially formulated to cure the root cause of Arthritis.Goldwater’s product ORTHOLON ins specially formulated for long term therapy of Arthritis having meticulously selected herbs. ORTHOLON maintains such control, which inhibits the ‘Prostaglandin Synthesis’ and relieves pain by exerting ‘Central Analgesic Action’ with more gastric tolerance. It also infuses fresh energy and vigor in a system worn out owing to any constitutional disease like rheumatic fever or from over work. Controls pain and inflammation faster by Rapid Absorption & Quicker approach to the affected part. No gastric intolerance. Contraindications: None; Absolutely no side effects even in prolonged therapy (More Gastric Tolerance).

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