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Ayurvedic Body Fitness Medicine - Panchmool Syrup

Ayurvedic Body Fitness Medicine

panchmool Now add a new page to your life.

Powerful & Effective Ayurvedic Health Tonic Only for Adult Male and Females

Salient Features: Trees take their Energy from their roots. Discover the ancient secret formula containing 5 Roots to energize and restore vigor and vitality.

“For long it has been in high esteem in India as a great restorative and invigorator and a tonic aphrodisiac in disease characterized by weakness or loss of sexual powers. Nocturnal emissions. Nervous Debility, Impotency etc.”

“Not harmful or toxic if it is taken daily for VITALITY & REJUVINATION, satisfaction performance or virilie power." 5 Root Synergy Rejuvenator . . .

For Men and Women

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