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Ayurvedic Infertility Medicine - Ashoka Nari

Ayurvedic Infertility Medicine


Prepares for Pregnancy

Comprehensive Uterine Tonic to help

  • Timely Menses and Ovulation
  • Trouble free Gestation
  • Removes Blockages in Fallopian tubes
  • Reduces Pelvic Inflammation
  • Complete Uterine Tonic for ladies health


contains UDAMBAR

Safe, Reliable & Non-Hormonal

Specially formulated for Infertility

Well known since 30 years as one of the best herbal therapy for female disorders, specially for helping in pregnancy.


For Infertility Case: 2 tsp with warm water, after meals.
Duration of Therapy: 4 to 5 months, or till pregnancy occurs

Must for All Women of all ages for health and beauty:

  • Considered as an internal Beauty Tonic: One course of 2 months
  • Improves Complexion & Radiance and
  • imparts a sense of well being in the lady.
  • Can be taken only as a supplement for beauty and health

The lady feels a fresh lease of life.

Most Economical Female Herbal Tonic.

Ashoka chal, Arjun chal, Harad bari, Lodra, Amla, Punarnava, Ulatkambal, Udambar, Satawar, Ashwagandha, Sphatic Bhasm, Nagarmotha

The Queen of all Uterine Tonics -

Favourite of Ladies Since 30 years!

Start Today and See the Results.

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