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GOLDWATER INDIA, with Extensive and Indepth Studies of Ancient Ayurvedic Texts, along with the Latest Developments in Pharmacy have Mastered the Technique of Processing Herbal Products.
GW product thus produced are well know gems of the market and much sought after and Extensively Prescribed by a very large Section of Doctors and Chemists. GW products have also been Marketed through ‘Institute Italiano di Ayurveda’ in Italy and Europe, amongst other countries and are approved government suppliers to CGHS & ESI (Govt. of India) 2000-04
Note: GW products are Totally Vegetarian and No wild life has been Harmed in the Trial or in Making of their Products. No Metalic Bhasm is used in any form. GMP certified Manufacturer and Exporter of all types of Ayurvedic Medicines, syrups, Tablets, Shampoo & Ayurvedic Ointments, since 1989.

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